are pleased to announce that Shasta Sit & Go tables have returned to Everest Poker and now offer much better value with a new Shasta Step format.

The unique Shasta Sit & Go tables offer a great opportunity for you to experience the poker buzz on the Everest poker tables and build up your bankroll with zero risk. Plus, with the new Shasta Step format you can work your way up the ladder to big money tournaments quickly!

Many successful poker players started on these Shasta tables and now it's easier than ever for you to join them!

Shasta Step Level 1 tournaments offer the following benefits:

• 100% free to enter
• Open to beginner (first 90 days) players only
• You can enter up to 4 Shasta Step Level 1 tournaments an hour
• Reward real money prizes (tokens to Shasta Step Level 2)
• Are Limit Hold'em with a turbo structure

Shasta Steps Level 2 tournaments offer the following benefits:

• Open to all Everest Poker Players
• You can enter as many Shasta Step Level 2+ tournaments as you wish
• Reward real money prizes to the top 2 finishing players (to the next Shasta Step Level)
• The final Shasta Step Level 6 rewards real money Tournament Tokens to the top 3 players!
• Offer a No Limit structure

More about Shasta Step Tournaments

You have the option to start at any level and work your way up the Shasta Steps. The higher up the Shasta Step you climb the bigger the prizes are. The top 3 finishing players of Shasta Step Level 6 will be rewarded with real money Tournament Tokens.

How Do I Climb the Steps?

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