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    • 100Alexandra
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      Look at this hand i get at Pkr. Not the first time like that.

      Dealing [5 d][5 h] to AlexandraRebecca
      btuckshop folds
      mrpipe888 calls 60
      CroniteJoe84 folds
      AlexandraRebecca calls 60
      spacecho folds
      spence67 folds
      Roiskop folds
      StackMan777 raises to 180
      mrpipe888 calls 180
      AlexandraRebecca calls 180
      Pot sizes: 570
      Dealing Flop [5 s][A h][A d]
      StackMan777 checks
      mrpipe888 bets 60
      AlexandraRebecca calls 60
      StackMan777 raises to 810
      mrpipe888 folds
      AlexandraRebecca raises to 1,250 (all-in)
      StackMan777 calls 1,250
      Pot sizes: 3,130
      AlexandraRebecca shows [5 d][5 h]
      StackMan777 shows [K s][A s]
      Dealing Turn [K h]
      Pot sizes: 3,130
      Dealing River [K d]
      Pot sizes: 3,130
      AlexandraRebecca has Full House, 5s over Aces
      StackMan777 has Full House, Aces over Kings
      StackMan777 wins 3,130 with: Full House, Aces over Kings

      Who can tell me what i did wrong?
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    • ItsTeddyKGB
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      Your call on the flop was the first thing you did wrong, you should have raised here big, since there are 2 aces on board and there's a big chance someone will improve his hand with an Ace in it. Going broke on a flop like this happens all the time, there's nothing you could've done. It just happens :)

      PS: Je bent op een Nederlandstalig forum, er wordt dan ook van je verwacht dat je Nederlands praat. Welkom! :D