How to replay hand history

    • barry1975
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      Anybody knows how to replay the hand history.

      Universal Replayer does not seem to work.

      Is there a better replayer that is should know of, or is there a handhistory converter ?

      Many Thanks,
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    • Toxicgod
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      Hi Barry.

      I didn't play often on 888 so I can exactly remember the software and the way they replayed the hand.

      But from your question I think you wanna know how to watch back the handshistory you played with a thirt party tool?

      Pokerstrategy has his own handconverter on the website. But it supports not all the formats yet. At the moment it only supports the following formats: No-Limit, Fixed-Limit and Pot-Limit Hold'em cash games. Sit and Go's are not yet supported.

      - If you have the website on English then you can find it here: In the top bar- click: "Strategy" and then "My Poker Hands"
      - If you have the website on Dutch then you can find it here: In the top bar click: "Strategie" and then "Mijn Poker handen"

      If the format you are trying to convert isn't suported yet by then you should find one with google like here.

      I hope this helps