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Mike Matusow over Ivey, Bitar en Lederer

    • Lanfear81
      Lid sinds: 04.11.2007 Posts: 26,100
      Afgelopen dagen bracht Mike Matusow redelijk wat tijd door achter de microfoons voor een interview met quadjacks.

      In het lange interview laat hij zich uitgebreid uit over de gebeurtenissen bij Full Tilt en de rollen van Ivey, Lederer en Bitar daarin.

      Deel 1 van het interview

      Deel 2 van het interview

      Deel 3 van het interview

      Enkele cliffs (bron: )

      -person who leaked information to Subject: Poker has it in for Ivey, David Benyamine and FTP

      -info leaked from somebody "inside"

      -"definitely a disgruntled employee"

      -Ivey lawsuit was a "big crock of shit"

      -"nobody (from Full Tilt Poker) will call me back"

      -Matusow wants to know "anything" about what is going on at Full Tilt

      -leaker hurt chances of FTP players getting their $ back

      -"if it weren't for greed, sale of the company would have been done a long time ago"

      -somebody offered to buy a piece of FTP right away after "Black Friday" for "good money", was turned down

      -"now they're struggling to get shit for it"

      -Ivey went berserk when that deal fell through

      -higher-ups at Full Tilt rebuffed the buyer, claiming that they had another deal lined up

      -"I believe that Ray (Bitar) fucked everything up"

      -Bitar's ego was so big.. he never listened to anything

      -Full Tilt Poker could have paid off 90% of US players after "Black Friday"

      -Matusow has a quarter million dollars on Full Tilt

      -Tom Dwan has a million dollars on Full Tilt

      -Daniel Cates has six million on Full Tilt

      -FTP was spending "something like $15 million a month" in marketing to compete with Pokerstars

      -Annie Duke: "Howard is sitting at home, depressed over the whole situation"

      -hard for Howard to talk to anybody because he is so depressed

      -Howard's only fault was putting the wrong guy in charge

      -Ivey didn't think when he sued the company

      -Ivey working around the clock to try and fix things.. so is Howard

      -Matusow: I got a pretty good offer from a site in Europe

      -"I think that people are going to get paid back"

      -Full Tilt Poker opened up with no money in the accounts

      -"there is no way that Howard Lederer took anybody's money"

      -"I believe by next Friday that something will come out"

      -"Full Tilt Poker ain't closing shop"

      -"they are not the type of people that are going to run"
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