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Doomswitch is on

    • willy1000
      Lid sinds: 05.04.2010 Posts: 35
      Gevonden op ander forum:
      Weet wel dat grapje is maar toch.............
      Volgens mij hebben ze hem bij mij aangezet sinds 2 weken!!

      Dear Pokerstars,
      Hi, I'm a fairly consistent losing player on your site. For some reason, whenever I go all in preflop, I lose usually 2/3 of the time. I used to to think it was just my play, but the more I watch the pro's on TV, their Ace is always good. So I started narrowing down my all-in preflop hands to only suited cards with an ace kicker, because that's what the pro's are doing. Still no luck, it seemed I was losing even more playing this way. I stopped paying my internet access bill because I was down about $4400 in 3 weeks, just from playing at your site. I don't know why, but something about that just struck me as odd, because people that gamble in real casinos do usually win about at least 1/2 the time.

      So I did some reading up on online poker on the internet (I was forced to steal my neighbors wireless connection to get online because I had no money left). I heard about something called variation, but that couldn't be the case because I variate my play, and the 2 cards I usually push in on varies by the hand. So I kept reading, until I heard about something called the "doom switch", also known as the "cash out curse". Seemed like the only logical way I could be losing so much was if you had me on a high difficulty level. The only issue is is that I never yet cashed-out, so why would you put the curse on me?

      I've been patient until now, but I've finally reached my wit's end. If you don't change my difficulty level to something easier, and I mean RIGHT AWAY, I'll have no choice but to either:
      a)stop playing online poker altogether,
      b)join a more reputable site such as jetset poker

      Just because I'm in the US doesn't mean you can take advantage of me.

      Sincerely & angrily yours,
      Andrew xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
      (702) xxx-xxxx

      Within 2 hours, I got the following reply:

      Dear raisebot,

      We here at PokerStars sincerely regret your unfortunate experience playing at our cardroom.

      I personally checked with our tech dept, and mistakenly your account was set on T16 level, which is normally reserved for people that have already made a withdrawal. Initial deposit level is T01, where bad beats happen less 9/10's less often. We can see that you are a good and dedicated player, therefore, to keep you playing at PokerStars, I personally set your level at T00, where I can promise you a bad beat will not happen again within the next 2 (two) weeks from today. After that time, I have no choice but to raise your difficulty level from T00 to T05, which is basically a "break-even" level.

      I assure you that even though you are in the USA and have a douchebag for pathetic excuse of a president, that does not influence our decisions in determining a player's current difficulty level.

      I hope this is a satisfactory resolution for you; and hope that you will continue to show your support for PokerStars. If you have any further inquiries or questions, do not hesitate to contact me personally.

      I have also credited your account with an additional 150 FPP's, which can be used to purchase merchandise and enter freerolls through our VIP store.

      Yours truly,
      Susan xxxxxxxxx
      PokerStars Support
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