Europe Travels - Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris (Sinterklaas)

    • greyboy
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      Hey folks,

      I was wondering if there are any Pokerstrategy Members in , Amsterdam, London or Brussels here?

      I'm from germany, living in Australia and I'm going to be on a two month Europe Trip with my girlfriend and I would also like to use that opportunity to catchup with some members of the pokerstrategy community.

      Since I had the honor to be host for TwiceT and TheLastNail in Gibraltar for a few nights, which I really enjoyed, it would be awesome to meet some of the local pokerstrategy members during my trip, maybe see their favorite parts of the city and have a drink together.

      In chase somebody has a spare couch to crash on that would be awesome, too. It would be a max. of 3 nights. In exchange we could arrange a Poker coaching in NL Holdem Cashgame or Tournaments or we would be happy to cook a delicious meal :)

      I'm looking forward to meet you in europe :s_thumbsup:

      It would be awesome to celebrate Sinterklaas with some people :)

      London:14th- 17th December
      Amsterdam: 1st - 5th December
      Brussels:6th - 9th December
      Paris: 10th- 13th December

      Rome: 24th - 29th January
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