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I'm at stage2

    • rogervieri
      Lid sinds: 09.12.2010 Posts: 1,034
      maar ik doe wel m'n best om in stage3 te komen :f_biggrin:

      Quote (losing big pots):

      Stage 1 -1 can't believe it! What was he thinking about calling all those bets? He had nothing the entire hand and lucked out. What an idiot! This always happens to me, it's so unfair! I'm going to do my best to get back at him and win my chips back.

      Stage 2 - What a bad beat! Losing an eleven big bet pot to a suckout like that really hurts. How can you win at this game when players call down with garbage and then hit? I know in the long term he will lose all his money, but I really needed that pot. That has put me in a real hole!

      Stage 3 - Ouch! Oh well, that's poker I suppose. If he keeps playing like that, I will take his money in the long term, so I just have to be patient. I'll make sure I remember that he is a calling station and play accordingly. I wonder if there was any way of winning that pot had I played differently.

      Stage 4 - Okay, I now know that the guy on the big blind will call down with pretty much anything, so I will take that into account from now on. I wonder what the button had. Maybe he had JJ or TT. It's worth knowing that he will make a continuation bet in that situation. Maybe I should have bet out on the flop in the hope that the button would have raised? That might have driven the big blind out, although I'm not sure I want to drive him
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