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    • gianlucafranco
      Lid sinds: 04.01.2012 Posts: 4
      Hi Pokerstrategy community,

      My nickname is Gianlucafranco 41 years old.

      Originally I am a chess player in my younger years, I played competition mostly(10-18 years old) ELO rating 1700 max. My best performances were ( first place pionnen Antwerp comp. and 3rd place kadetten National championship St Niklaas).
      I started to slow down in the junior category. It is no coincidence ,as here competitition got tough... One of the main reasons were the theory of chess openings needed some serious time to study , and combined with my school studies 2gether with club championships it was too much 4 me at the time.

      I always thought card games were based mostly and only on luck. The card game Texas Holdem is learning me it is not ONLY luck but skills and mathematics.
      The Belgian law is restricting me from another hobby of me : sports betting (the name Betfair xchange should ring a bell by some of you).
      That is why I turn to your site Pokerstrategy coz I would like to grow in the art of Texas Holdem (sitNGos).
      As a chess player I was a very defensive minded player and I wonder if I can learn to e.g. push and fold adequately and also learn to digest some losses (psychologically) to come back with wins.

      I am willing to study and I am open to any suggestions to make me an adequate poker player ... this is my wish for now. Hope I have enough time to make this happen...

      JAN 2012 For now I am at Titan poker with the 50$ gift from pokerstrategy. I am seeing this as learning money and playing SNG freeroll and 10 man SNG range 0.10-0.50$. I have difficulties to get price money and turn my attention to double up SNG now...

      PS I am so clumsy with PCs that I am stressy already to find out how to install and get these software working... ?(

      Greetz to all and gl guys
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    • Plompoker
      Lid sinds: 08.12.2011 Posts: 841

      Zo te zien ben je een belg, dus je kan gewoon in je eigen taal posten hoor:D Er zitten hier enkel Nederlanders en belgen.

      Veel succes in je pokercarière!
    • gianlucafranco
      Lid sinds: 04.01.2012 Posts: 4
      Hi Plompoker,

      Indien er idd enkel Belgen en Nederlanders posten, zal ik mijn Engels elders oefenen, hehe... :D

      Normaal gebruik ik Engels als internationale taal , zodanig dat ik allen bereik.
      Doch voor de pokertermen zullen we maar het Engels gebruiken, lol :]

      Ondertussen ben ik aan het leren op titanpoker SNG 0.10$ full ring (geen turbo)... zo laag om toch eerst te bewijzen dat ik genoeg bij de laatste 3 eindig. Dit wissel ik af met freerolls 25$ booster (heb mijn eerste tornooi gewonnen).

      Is eigenlijk de formule double up SNG(eerste 5 winnend van 10) niet makkelijker dan de normale SNG (eerste 3 winnend, wel hoger prijzengeld) om bankroll te maken? Ik raak met de normale SNG nog te moeilijk bij de eerste 3 maar wel veel bij de eerste 5... :rolleyes:
      En jawel ... ik suck heads up :facepalm:

      PS voorlopig noem ik bankroll maken: excl. de kosten om mijn performance te beoordelen.

      Gl 2 U Plompoker ;)