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Hiep Hiep CM's

  • 6 antwoorden
    • oscaar10
      Lid sinds: 14.01.2011 Posts: 5,453
      Gelukkige CM-dag :s_biggrin:
    • Nivlem
      Lid sinds: 28.05.2008 Posts: 4,862
      Haha, leuk om te lezen! Thanks guys!
    • Schelles
      Lid sinds: 05.07.2007 Posts: 2,177
      Happy CM-day!
    • Xpload1989
      Lid sinds: 12.01.2009 Posts: 8,720
      CM's for president! :D Amazing job guys! :)

      (Tenminste, als jullie nog net zo goed werk verrichten als ruim een jaar geleden, in 'mijn tijd' zeg maar :P )
    • Lanfear81
      Lid sinds: 04.11.2007 Posts: 26,068
      Thank you guys!!

      Geen zorgen, morgen is het gewoon weer Member-dag, zoals altijd :s_biggrin:
    • Amnesia85
      Lid sinds: 28.02.2010 Posts: 1,518
      Characteristics of a Community Manager

      :spade: A well rounded community manager makes everyone feel welcome.
      :spade: He doesn't judge a user based on his ability to communicate (or to type).
      :spade: She always gives warnings and second chances, because her goal is a happy community, not vengeance.
      :spade: He may not be an extrovert in real life, but online he's the life of the party, bringing a great deal of charisma, wit and wisdom to every encounter.
      :spade: May start her career as an unpaid volunteer. Often brags that it's the best ROI of any career decision she's ever made.
      :spade: She knows every meme and can work that knowledge into most conversations.
      :spade:D oesn't mind long hours, because he knows that the work he is doing makes a difference in the lives of so many people across the world.
      :spade: Smiles in real life every time she types a smiley emoticon.
      :spade:O ften is 'discovered' based on his passionate voice within an exiting community.
      :spade: Innately understands marketing, customer support, product strategy and user experience.
      :spade: Enjoys learning new things, from honing a new skill to becoming fluent in a new language.
      :spade:D evours analytics because it's the best way to truly understand his community.
      :spade: Knows that first and foremost, she's the user's advocate, because in any meeting, everyone else is the company's advocate.
      :spade:D efends his company fiercely, but is not afraid to admit when a mistake has been made.
      :spade: Fights tooth and nail for the right outcome in a situation, even when it's not the easiest or most popular solution.
      :spade: Enjoys the spotlight externally, but tends to be quietly efficient internally.
      :spade: He doesn't toot his own horn, but it often gets tooted for him.
      :spade: Is fascinated by how people think. He reads psychology texts and stats reports for fun.
      :spade: Truly enjoys helping others.
      :spade: Is empathetic to a fault.

      Happy CM day i guess :P