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Introducing Vonki, New Video Producer (Interview + Video)

    • Lanfear81
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      Hieronder een interview (Engels) en de eerste video van onze nieuwe Engelstalige Coach Vonki, die eerder al gecoached werd door TwiceT in de serie PinkPerformance.

      Deze Zweedse spreekt ook een aaridg woordje Nederlands en enkele leden van de community zullen haar zeker wel kennen.

      We introduced vonki as our latest coach and the second female video producer to join the coaching stable. We sat down to talk with her about poker and how to progress up the limits.

      vonki plays NL100 cash games, and also has several small stakes tournament victories to her name. We spoke to her to find out more about life, Pink Performance and how to succeed in micro and low stakes No Limit.

      This interview was conducted by MJPerry

      Making money from cards? That's something I've got to check out!

      Meet our Coaches
      Name: Veronika
      Age: 25
      Location: Sweden
      Game types: NL100

      Read vonki's blog
     Welcome to the team, Veronika! For those who don't know you from your blog or Pink Performance, can you tell the community a little about yourself?

      vonki: I'm soon to be 25 years old and I am from one of the cold, northern countries of Europe - Sweden. I first came in contact with poker during high school, when one of my friends told me about her boyfriend winning money playing poker online. As she told me weekend after weekend how he'd won money, I thought "wow, so you can make money from playing cards? That's something I've gotta check out!"

      Being a poor student, it seemed like a great opportunity to get my hands on more money. Like most others, I expected to win some easy money, not knowing what effort needs to go into becoming a steady winner. It didn't take long before I got completely hooked into poker. Readers of your blog will know that you went from NL10 to NL100 relatively quickly. What would you say helped you progress the most up the limits?

      vonki: I'm not sure if I would say I went from NL10 to NL100 that fast. I've been hopping around the limits for years, and it wasn't until the summer of 2011 that I really started progressing and taking poker seriously. That's when I decided I wanted to become a professional player.

      The things that helped me progress the most? First of all, the players I interacted with. I surrounded myself with other dedicated players, some already being professionals, some being on similar limits as me. Having a network of players to discuss, sweat and get support from is essential to success in my opinion.

      Other important factors are being self-critical and being very honest with yourself. Many of us think we are better, work harder and progress more than we actually do. It's important to accept that we all make mistakes; that we'll continue making them and that it's all part of the process (the aim should be to make as few as possible, though).

      Not beating yourself up too much when you slip up, and in general developing a good mindset is very crucial. You have to be your own boss, sometimes the boss you hate. Other than that - hard work, sticking to BRM and more hard work.

      TwiceT has always been a role model to me

      Vonki, TwiceT et al at the Diamond Party
      Veronika with TwiceT (second from left) and
      other PokerStrategists at the Munich party. Great answer! Of course, it probably helps to make a video with a God of the community. How much did AdminTwiceT and the Pink Performance series help you?

      vonki: This is a tough question to answer, actually. Of course, having someone like TwiceT coach you is really valuable and a rare opportunity, but it's not a guarantee for success. It's still down to the student to really make the most of it.

      That said, I owe a lot of my success to TwiceT. He's always been a role model to me, even before the series. I mean, there's nothing he's not good at! Apart from being good at poker and explaining things in a way that's easy to understand and grasp, he also knows what buttons to push and when.

      He's motivated me, pushed me to play more, learn more, bitch less. He's always known exactly what I needed to hear long before I was aware of it myself. Qualities that makes for an extraordinary coach, person and friend.

      The plan is to focus on poker and see how far I can get

      Vonki at the PCA Ladies' Event
      In position versus Vicky Coren at the
      PCA 2011 Ladies' Event. We're are certainly lucky to have him around! Outside of poker, what are your plans for life? You were studying nursing, now what?

      vonki: I was studying nursing and I finished in June 2011. I wanted to focus more on poker when I was done. It's likely I will study design or something next year, but for now the plan is to focus on poker and see how far I can get.

      Since poker fits well with one of the things I love the most, which is travelling, I want to make the most of the years ahead of me before settling down. Well, thanks for your time Veronika and we look forward to hearing more from you!

      vonki: Thanks!
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