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      Las op het forum een vraag over handjes kopen en vroeg me af hoe dat zat met PTR. Vraag gestuurd naar Pokerstars en dit was het antwoord. Dat zo'n vraag gesteld wordt is een mentaliteitskwestie. Een beetje dubieus.

      Dit was het antwoord:

      Thank you for your email.

      Our tournament lobbies display all entrant and prize information, and as this is public information, it can be viewed by any player. As a result, if a player was dedicated enough, they could record all tournament results, and compile information regarding any individual player.

      There are some websites which compile and make such information available to subscribers. They are not affiliated with PokerStars in any way, and do not have any information which is not already public.

      Some of the sites that offer this type of service include:


      Further, there are other websites that breach our rules by publishing more information than we permit. As a result, PokerStars is working on efforts to limit the effectiveness of these sites by preventing their ability to extract the data from the PokerStars client without either the permission of PokerStars, or the players concerned.

      Unfortunately, PokerTableRatings (PTR) refuses to comply with the tough PokerStars policy to protect player privacy, and refuses to allow players to opt-out of their services.

      Their refusal to allow players to opt-out is a clear breach of the PokerStars Terms of Service which is designed to protect the privacy and rights of our players.

      As a result of their breach of our Terms of Service, PokerStars is actively working to stop PTR from collecting data from our tables. It certainly is difficult to stop their data collection, but we are continuing to work on a variety of different avenues to stop their data collection.

      For an extensive FAQ regarding third-party tools and services, please visit the PokerStars website:


      PokerStars has recently introduced a policy to easily allow players to opt out of other third party results websites, while protecting their identity and without needing to contact any third party websites.

      As part of this, If you wish to opt-out of third party result tracking websites, signify this by sending $0.01 to the PokerStars account 'ResultSites'.

      Similarly, if you wish to opt-into the third party result tracking websites, signify this by sending $0.03 to the PokerStars account 'ResultSites'.

      These funds will be returned to your account within 7 days, whereby we will notify the respective third party services of your request.

      We have introduced this new policy to strike a fair balance to protect the confidentiality of players, while also allowing people to find out who won tournaments on PokerStars.

      If you have any other questions, feel free to email us back at any time, and thank you for choosing PokerStars.

      Best regards,

      Will D
      PokerStars Support Team
      We are poker!
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      Ach PTR wordt toch met week verrotter volgens mij. Jaartje of 2 leek het nog wel ergens op maar nu mis ik soms al halve sessies.

      In totaal al iets van 43K aan handen (op 290K die ik nu heb gespeeld) en bijna de helft van mijn winst dus echt serieus neem ik die toch al niet meer. Dus het lijkt het idd op dat Stars dit echt aan het aanpakken is.