hey everyone.... posted "antwerpen" up because people from antwerp have bigger chances opening this thread :D

as i mentioned before, probably most of you didn't see, im moving to antwerp (from serbia) in 5-6 days with my mom. my stepfather lives there. so my mom, my stepfather and i will be living there for ATLEAST 3 months... i will probably find a job there or anything just to do something and make money. ive been there 4-5 years ago for only a month, i didnt do anything just stayed at home and played games on a pc. i did visit brussels, amsterdam, paris but it was long ago, and you know how it works with mom when you're a kid. now when i get there i dont wanna be in front of pc whole day, im almost 20 years old, a kid, but not a small one :D

so is anyone here from antwerp? i wanna know more about the city and stuff.
if yes, please add me on facebook

heres my profile page

also, i hope you guys have a good bear and better weed :D DDDDDD
and ofcourse i wanna play good poker, live if possible :D