Daniel Negreanu Temp banned op 2+2

    • Amnesia85
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      Daniel Negreanu got recently a temporary ban from the world's largest poker forum TwoPlusTwo. The temporary ban came after the moderators of 2+2 found him to have advertised for the new iSeriesLIVE initiative.

      Negreanu is one of the main attractions of the upcoming iSeriesLIVE, taking place in Dublin April 5.

      The first thread that Negreanu started about the upcoming ISeriesLIVE was quickly deleted by the moderators of 2+2, and it didn't end there:

      "Starts spam thread, deleted & warned. Makes promotional posts in 2nd thread. Deleted. Spams vblog in 2 threads = Tempbanned", TwoPlusTwo informs in Twitter, adding that "don't expect free advertising on 2+2 for a commercial venture".

      Negreanu has already responded on FullContactPoker.com, saying:

      -Their decision to ban me and pull the threads is simply a shakedown. They are hoping that they can squeeze a few bucks out of the Iseries to put up banners, and completely overestimating their importance in the poker world, which isn't new for them

      Gestolen van een concurrent dus maar even in een spoilertje :p
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    • kennethjeu
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      Is wel heel erg streng... Heb die rant gezien en die begint idd wel met het spotje voor dat event, maar er zullen nog wel dingen gepost zijn waar er filmpjes over WSOP of een of ander event in voorkomen... Allemaal bannen en posts deleten dan maar? Kom maar gewoon met je voetjes op de grond 2+2...