The Free Festival is set to continue on NetBet Poker with more than 1 freeroll per hour and free unlimited SNGs.

NetBet Poker Free Festival
Tournament Name
Guaranteed Prize
2am to 1pm daily
Free Festival €5 €5
2pm to 1am daily
Free Festival €20 €20
- SNG Free Festival

Win a free package for the MegaPokerSeries

Qualify for the next stage of the MPS by playing the “Free Festival €20” tournaments!

The top 10 players will win a €2.20 token to play the daily "Mega 1 - 1 ticket €21 GTD" tournament with a buy-in of €2.15 + €0.05.

Find all the "Free Festival" freerolls on the NetBet Poker software by clicking on "Free Festival" on the left-hand menu.

Same poker rush, tiny buy-ins!

Fancy playing high-adrenaline poker at tiny prices? Take part in SNGs with extremely low buy-ins:

Micro SNGs
Tournament Name
Hyper SNG - €0.04 buy-in €0.03+€0.01
Hyper SNG - €0.10 buy-in €0.09+€0.01

NetBet Poker's terms and conditions apply to this promotion and may be changed at any time.