Beat The Clock Deposit Bonuses

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      Beat The Clock Deposit Bonuses

      For those who aren’t aware, a brand new speedy, Zoom style five-minute long game was launched at PokerStars this week called Beat the Clock and we have news about deposit bonuses for new and existing players.

      In this new game, which begins after 48 players have registered, the main mission is to survive for five minutes until the alarm sounds at which point the prize pool is divided between all those left in the game. Players’ prizes will be determined by the amount of chips they have left.

      Existing player deposit bonus

      For players that have already topped up their PokerStars accounts, deposit a minimum of $15 using the code ‘CLOCK2016’, by 23:59 ET on December 4, and you’ll receive 5x $1 Beat the Clock tournament tickets for free.

      First time deposit bonus

      For anyone that hasn't yet made a deposit at PokerStars, just deposit $20 or more, using the bonus code ‘CLOCK30’ and you’ll receive six days of free rewards worth $30 in total, spread across six days, as laid out below.

      Day 1: 5 x $1 Beat the Clock tickets
      Day 2: 5 x $1 Beat the Clock tickets
      Day 3: 5 x $1 Beat the Clock tickets
      Day 4: $5 Cash Bonus
      Day 5: 5 x $1 Beat the Clock tickets
      Day 6: $5 Cash Bonus

      If you do not have a PokerStars account yet, take advantage of our first deposit bonus and click here to create one.
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