Pentathlon - Part 1

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  • NL BSS
  • $1000
  • Shorthanded
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Welcome to the latest from No-Limit player, Somnius. In the new series, "Pentathlon", Somnius focuses on various strategies and techniques which make a solid all-round poker player, or techniques which are simply a good thing to have in your No-Limit toolbox. Part one kicks off with the one we all love - Donk Betting.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the first installment of the new Series from No-Limit player "Somnius"!

    Let us know how you feel about the video, and don't forget to leave your question / comment / feedback, for the coach.

    If you want more from "Somnius", be sure to check out the links to the previous series in the description!
  • DeMarcohsp


    Sad that the next parts are going prolly to be diamond+.
  • MathhNes


    good video, good thoughts
  • x3mwisp


    hi. I would like to share some of my thoughts on this:
    1.The content is good and bad overall.
    +Why we should donk and have a wider range.
    +What we should consider when donking.
    +How it will affect the metagame.
    +Explain certain spots.
    +I like the fact that you choose hands that you played poorly+some well played hands.

    What I really would like to see:
    -The hands are old enough for u not to remember the metagame between u and the opponent, whereas a hand can only be played "correctly" taking that into consideration. You can not even say exactly how is the villain playing/what are his ranges approximatively not even saying about how he sees your range.
    -The metagame changes every now and then and the old theory is quickly replaced by the new flow/tendencies of the games.
    -I would like to see more about why certain hands should be donked compared to ch/r or ch/c and why but I guess that would be a good subject if your next episode would be on ch/r.

    Overall: The video is good on a general concept of donking but not to deep enough to be applied with a good certainty by us/the listeners.
  • RandomGenerator


    Somnius, in 33 hand, do you suggest to follow through on every river card? I mean, this seven is one of the worst cards to continue bluffing on.

    And I just don't understand why do you think we have a lot of FE on blank rivers like this seven. Because he has some draws that you want to fold out or what?
  • Dengalne


    Avoca1977 is a fish.
  • Somnius


    #5 - I think another A or a T would be the worst cards to continue bluffing on I think. 7 is below the midpoint line sure.

    Exactly because there are draws, midpairs, and lower pair+draws.
  • konsti110


    really don't like the hands you represented like c/c turn with T8s, leading 33 and 22 on these boards without any equity. looks totally random without a better read/stats.

    i actually like the way you think, but there could be way better hands in your DB if donkbetting is a bigger part of your game...
  • FingersMalone


    This video has the problem that besets some, and only some, of the content on PS, in that it claims that it analyses hands but it reality it just describes them.

    It's like a history student being asked to write a piece analysing the causes of the French Revolution but all he does is describe the events etc.

    Could hand analysis videos detail the thought processes and also consider the possible other outcomes, rather than just "I did this and he did that"

    For example, "However, if he had have done another move, I would have done this move because......"

    The content is pretty exceptional on PS and it has helped my game a great deal but, sometimes, it does become commentary rather than analysis.
  • 2VELAir6


    #4 and #9 +1