Pentathlon - Part 3a

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Somnius presents the third installment of his "Pentathlon" series featuring two mini-episodes. The first section will focus on facing the pre-flop raiser where a cold call was made and barrells called. The second section will gives us examples of hands where a check-raise was chosen as the optimal line.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy part 3a from Somnius - Stay tuned for the second installment of the third episode focusing on check-raising.

    Your comments & feedback are welcomed as always!
  • madsquare


    Stop posting 15-20minute videos.
  • grrgrrbla


    #2 this!!!

    these 15-20min part1/2/3.. videos suck! if it's just an analysis of one hand it's ok but dividing one video in 2/3 parts is just VERY ANNOYING!!!
  • Nivlem


    Hi guys, thanks for the feedback.

    I agree with you that cutting one 40-60 minute video is not ideal and can even be annoying.

    We are currently experimenting with the shorter video format, which by itself is going to be a good improvement for our video offer but doesn't work well with this format.

    Thank you again for the feedback, we will try not to cut longer theoretical video's into several parts in the future.

    I do hope you like the video and can learn something from it nonetheless.
  • megalomaniac323


    Absolutely agree with #2 and #3. There have been more complaints in the past about these shorter vids from other user so that'd show that there's no necessity in shortening /cutting the content!
  • johhnyEVplus


    #2 <-- This!
  • stylus20


    the only reason for this short vids is that you can release "more" videos without producing more ... ridiculous
  • kochpat


    #2 !!

    But besides that I really like the video series. I hope it continues!!
  • EuanM


    Guys - we really appreciate the Feedback, it's important for us to know what you think!

    The shorter video format also has many advantages, such as being far more flexible and frequent in terms of releases, especially with video-series.

    I agree the theory video format is far from optimal to suit the short video format, although we are currently experimenting with all formats to see what works best.

    Usually, the comments section of the video is for user to discuss strategy with the coach, so my recommendation is to post a Feedback thread regarding the short video topic, to ensure a centrally located point of discussion, allowing more effective feedback.

    Feedback & suggestions Forum:

    Keep the feedback coming, it's always appreciated!

  • EuanM


    Part 3b is also now released:
  • Somnius


    I hope you all like the content nonetheless
  • CoconutDealer


    Do we have any reads on TheRealFDT which can help us out? You said the call on the river is pretty standard.. i for my part dont think so. You block several AQ kombos and the second T is definitely not a card which Villain would like to 3rd barrel on imo. at least i dont think be bets all of his AJ and AQ kombos(even 70% would be optimistic). He will most likly never try to barrel us from a K and if he expects us to fold many weak midpais on the turn there isnt much expect jj/QQ which he might get folds from. On the other hand there are many kombos he can take this line for value with.. TT,88,KK,AA,(66,KQ,KJ),AK,KT. or did i completly missed something?
  • Somnius


    Please include hand-time in the future.

    Your assigned value range is too wide. He is not triple barreling all those hands for value, some because theyre too weak, nutted ones he might take a different line with.

    The T is not the greatest barrel card but it does strip away a little at our bluffcatchers.

    More importantly, an aggressive player that expects at least a little bit of floating and is in the right gear will be barreling here pretty often, and those circumstances are pretty common.