Let's Go Turbo - Part 4

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DonBartos launches the fourth part of the "Let's Go Turbo" series with a hand replayer review of a $2 turbo knockout, played on PokerStars, with around six-thousand players. Enjoy the video!


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video with DonBartos!
  • Barlin63


    Bart, Thanks for the video. It is nice to see how your play during the video would differ from the original tournament. Still I believe it would be better if you prepare for the video, know upfront what you are going to tell and cut to the chase without all kind of elaborations about who is who, what they might thing and why you don't care what they might think or not. i gues you can squeeze out another 10 minutes.

    overall I like your videos because of the strategics you put into it and your thoughtful explanations of your play.
  • neverdixs


    nice video man i like your thinky way
  • Nosaint


    Nice hitting skills :-)
  • yellowsock


    What I do not like about this video:
    - there is no structure in relation to BB's explained. Whats the general plan for turbos? Should i start a bit tight with low blinds up to cartain point? Or my aproach should be very aggro (double-or-lose). What range do I open at the start? He received like 3 times AA at the start which allowed him to build up his stack. Yeah, great, but you dont get them that often. I find myself playing probably to tight as in most cases I reach the point where I am shorstacked with low M and forced to play push/fold. I guess my plan for turbos is not correct and have plenty of leaks but I did not find some good answers how to improve it. Or is it just variance (I admit I do not play many turbos) and my strategy is ok. I dont know cause there was no strategy explained. "ok, i got AA so iam allin. I got again AA, oh and again." - thats the explanation of the early stage of the mtt which i belive is crucial.
    What i like about it: Good middlegame, good to see how to use big stack, how to play against shortstackers, etc.
  • RiQRiQ


    Thank you! There is no part 5?