Bogdan reviews Kame92

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $50
  • Fullring
(12 Stemmen) 7940


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Bogdan reviews a 6table session played by a pokerstrategy member of 50NL fullring.


BogdanPS PokerStars Session Review sixtabling

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  • fitzinator18


    the latest from Bogdan. Please leave feedback in the comments section below. Enjoy!
  • highskyscraper


    your videos are always appreciated, thanks!
    this one is a little blurry though - I can hardly make out the HUD numbers
  • Polkownik55


  • rifearmo85


    Very short video, not as the other series. We want more!. Good Videos Bodgan
  • Christoph420


    Could hardly hear it. Can't wait to hear the rest.
  • BogdanPS


    @highskyscraper: Thank you for your comments. Unfortunately the video is a bit blurry because the original video that was sent to me was this way so I couldn't really do much about it.

    @Christoph420: I hear it fine on all devices that I have tried. Does anyone else have problems with the sound?
  • yxcrtl


    The sound is fine maybe its a problem at Christoph420's end. Thanks for the video Bodgan. Just a quick question on HUD, I'm using PT3 in your opinion what range is aggressive/passive? Thank you Bogdan.
  • yxcrtl


    In total aggression factor
  • BogdanPS


    @yxcrtl: You are welcome.

    Aggression factor = number of bets / number of calls. Id look at aggression by street but for example someone with an aggression factor of 1 could be considered passive while someone with an aggression of 3 could be considered on the more aggressive side.
  • Laci24


    Really good video! Thank you!