The Fifty Fifty Guide - Introduction

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pampapam kick-off his little series introducing the strategy and his approach to the fifty fifty sit & go. The first part of the series will launch the theoretical advice and analysis with more to come in later parts.


5050 fiftyfifty series Theory Video

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the fifty fifty beginners guide presented by Daniel in English, dubbed from the popular German series hosted with pampapam!

    Leave your thoughts & questions about the video!
  • musashi87


    The dubbing feels a little dull. What I mean by that is that there is no feel in tone of the dubber voice. I think some more important part should be emphasized. Never the less great stuff and I'm looking forward for the next part to be dubbed ;)
  • Mav3r1ck85


    Great video! Just started to play these formats and saw a "strange" play from 2 regs. When someone open limped they just iso-shoved with AK, blind lvl was 15/30 and 20/40. 1 of the reg did this from UTG+1 (10player). Is this a correct play and should i do the same?
  • DominXTC


    cool video. I'm waiting for next parts...
  • douilleton


    Very nice vid !!!
    need more examples
    u tell u as that we need 57% equity preflop and what is exactly the equity needed postflop? flop turn, river?

  • pampapam


    @2 Shoving over a limper at these blinds is mostly +ev, but never max ev. I would definitely raise to 3 or 4 bigblinds to isolate the limper and own him postflop. shoving is reg-fishy ;)

    @3 the equity needed postflop depends on stacksizes, money allready in the pot, money left and so on. You can use a icm simulator to figure out how much equity you need in every specific spot, but that is a lot of work for every spot. Just keep in mind that you dont stack off in spots that would be brake even in cashcame. They are allmost ever -ev in sngs because of icm.

    Check out this article for more background information about ICM:
  • Mav3r1ck85


    #6 Thank you.
  • mineriva


    i use to sleep whiles listening to cricket commentry but this guys voice is far better.

    Gr8 sleep ty.
  • badshot102


    Helps to add a little more depth of knowledge between DoN & 5050. No doubt the additional training materil will expand more but the speed here was good for the note taking :)
  • AlcopopDK


    hurry up and give us part two plz :) nice vid, looking forward to livesession...
  • ukwagon


    part 2????????????
  • Tumlex


    great video thanks! part 2?
  • Fouloume


    Dommage que la vidéo ne soit pas en français
  • nsavov


    Now its all about chip count and not position, so i guess the strategy becomes slightly different.
  • Gizillioner


    @38:00 I dont get it, how can you risk 1.3 buy ins but only loose 2/3 of buy in? if ur risking 1.3 buy in well then u loose 1.3 buy in. Can someone explain this better please?
  • valuebet45


    nice...but part 2 takes a while i presume?
  • karmagiona85


    Hi, thanks a lot for this nice video tutorial. Where can i find the full serie?
  • smartboytl


    very good but next part?
  • Laurik03


    where is part 2?


    will the series go on, or this is first and last part :(?
  • martijnde666


    part 2????????????
  • RubenMex


    =D ty
  • totione


    Hello friend,
    I can't find the second part of this series of videos.
    Could somebody help us?

    Thnx in advance!
  • liker81


    ok, nice
  • MetalistULTRAS


    so there is no part 2?