The Fundamentals of the Independent Chip Model

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The Independent Chip Model is the most popular way to ascertain the monetary value of chip stacks in a game. In this lesson you will learn what the ICM is, how it works, and what its limitations are.




The fundamentals of the Independent Chip Model

In this video you will learn what the Independent Chip Model (or the ICM) is , how the ICM assigns a monetary value to chip stacks And what ..

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  • JimmkCZ


    thanks, very clear explanation, have a nice day.
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    As usual a very clear explanation and a great resource to learn
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    nice video
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    Another great video.
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    Starting over with SNGs after a couple of years. The new materials are very easy to follow and well thought through. Great work!
  • DevilsDate


    The article is very useful. It would be great if video was compatible with iOS though.
  • NiGhMa


    Yes, great job guys! Continue in that way, we're waiting for next ones :)
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    contgratz for all the work you've done. All the new vids are gold!
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    Hi All

    Please enjoy the second video in our SNG Chip Value Series of Lessons - The Fundementals of Independent Chip Value

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    Don't forget to study the lesson, take the quiz and do the exercises which come with this video