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On our members' request, w34z3l prepared a video about playing versus aggressive shorstacks.


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  • JohnyC1337


    Good vid, are we able to call 3B with some hands vs 30bb stack? I suppose we can call vs 40+ bb stack IP. Are we able call some hands oop? (I am talking especially about suited BWs mby some more). And how do you play vs them postflop as cold caller? They usually open like 80%+ BvB and 60% from BTN so I got megagood odds and equity when i am on BB. But the porblem is ther almost 100% cbet. Thx for any comment.
  • dan1802


    yo very good and almost too much content for one video. i will have to work out this video at least one more time.
    my question here is similar to johnyC1337`s: what effective stacksize is needed to start with a calling range specially vs smaller 3 bet sizes like max 6 BB?
  • MaxGor


  • ConteCaly


    wonderful vid...
  • StAllin


    Very nice Video from one of the best coaches her!!
  • w34z3l


    It's very difficult to construct complete ranges vs every sizing (read this as, I don't actually know for certain).

    In theory we could just call the 3bet with any effective stack size if the EV was higher than re-raising. And this could include effective stacks lower than 20bb. (For example imagine a spot where we are priced in to calling due to pot-odds, we are behind villain's range, but we have no fold-equity with a jam. Jamming would be incorrect, and calling would be correct even if we left ourselves with an effective stack of 1bb postflop.)

    Anyway, in practice I would attempt to implement a calling range for any effective stack above 20bb. The reason for this number is that we are still maybe left with over a half pot bet for the flop, which means any positional advantage is actually still worth something, albeit only a small amount. By the time we get less than this though, I think it's probably a lot of extra hassle to implement a calling range, and I'd just be playing push/fold for simplicities sake, but there is a chance it is not correct in theory.
  • w34z3l


    when I said sizing in the first sentence I meant "effective stack size"