Transitioning From SNGs To Micro MTTs

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  • MTT
  • $1 - $22
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Our MTT coach reviews our member Primrose6789 who recently transitioned from SNGs to MTTs and made a huge progress. Let us know what you have learned from this video in the comments section below!


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  • andreasbr0


    Did you read my mind? I'm in the middle of this transition <3
  • Primrose6789


    Thank you very much, Honigmund, you´re a great coach and I really enjoy working with you. By the way guys, in between we worked on my bet sizings and they are now way better :))))
  • CucumbaMan


    What would be your opening from the SB on 6-max tournaments?
  • maniac


    nice video with a reletness betting prim as always.

    On 41 min she got KTo. Do you think we can bet for thin value river? Do we check river with the plan of calling?

    How about talking in the next video more about the differences from sng to mtt. Compare both formats in general to show us the things we need to change to play mtt as a sng player. I would love to see more of that.


  • ghaleon


    05:30 98s: Like that 3bet pre. Turn I would personally be more likely flatting with some straights than sets versus his donk bet. Well most often AK is the straight that I would just call at least because it need very little protection overall. But villain likely stacks here wide so probably no need for that and just shove sets and straights. Playing other hands according to equity is likely best.

    8:00 KK: Personally versus unknown I tend to keep my limp range weighted toward weaker and mid strength hands in likely soft field game. I think we wont really get punished by wide BB raises and we tend to lose value with strong hands as pool is too passive. But maybe Prim thinks otherwise.

    9:00 A2s: Yeah agree but also here we have some showdown value if it happens to go into showdown by checking.

    10:10 JTs: Would personally advocate call here. As you said stack size offers great risk:reward for opponent to shove and this is ugly hand to 3bet-fold when call is decently good option.

    13:50 T4s: Villain unlikely to have very strong hands but some Ax are usually there and at least those are not folding easily to three barrels. Kx depends how villain thinks. Well if it was same villain that we have limped and villain actually happens to follow hero SB style this might apply less. But villain might think hero wont have Ax usually when she limps so Kx might hero imo.

    31:40 22: Ok limp-shove spot pre as default. River was surprising. This is one of best hands we will have on river and we face minbet after checking three times. I would personally have hard time to fold versus pot size either :)

    33:20 J2s: Nice turn to force 6x or 9x to fold in turn but not when we have those beat. Check-call turn and evaluate in river. Villain can have some straight draws around 6 and 9 and flush draw. Now by betting we probably mainly isolate our self versus solid draws or better made hands.

    35:10 Q7o: Was waiting if anyone actually raises versus SB limp but it did happen. Would fold versus 3bb raise also. Pretty crappy one to defend.

    41:00 KTo: For maniac question above I would tend to check-fold or possibly check-raise river as bluff if villain bet. If villain check turn, bet river it looks like some weak to medium Ax or maybe sometimes KQ if sizing is on small side. Value betting is too thin.

    42:25 AJo: Very standard call. Too strong to bluff and too weak to stack off. My first thought after seeing 3bet was that villain is some sort of maniac and this must be 3bet-call line. Btw this would probably be quite close versus some AJs+, AQo+, KQs, 88+ range in cEV.

    PS: Nice review. Unfortunately honigmund audio is fluctuating heavily and I had hard time to hear at many points. Thought it might be because of my headset also but its not reproducing with other content.
  • stoiankolov007


    verry good
  • Kikaboras


    Very good!
  • Kikaboras


    Nice Job. I started playing poker now, I'm very grateful to the video I watched. Thanks.
  • Kalle0185


    Sehr guter Lehrer denke werde noch viele Videos sehen bevor ich anfange richtig gut zu Pokern,Es juckt schon in meinen Füßen zu Spielen aber sorry Jungs und Mädels ihr müsst noch warten bis ich euch zeige wie es gut geht,Freu mich aber schon darauf auch von Euch zu lernen
  • Primrose6789


    Kalle, pokerst Du mit den Füßen? xD Das will ich sehen! xD
  • CollinMoshman


    Prim is a confirmed beast :D

    Great vid David!
  • Primrose6789


    Thank you, Collin! :D lol
  • honigmund38


    i am very happy that this video is so well received, thx for the awesome feedback :) again very well played by prim, thx for donating the hh!

    @maniac: i think you are right about vbetting somewhat thinly when the most obvious draw misses however i think id still lean towards vbetting Qx+ in that spot cause i think its really tough to get calls from hands worse than Tx.

    @ghaleon: thx a lot for the detailed feedback! i agree with most of your points i also think that x/jamming the river in the KT hand is pretty gangster, def a decent combo to do it with. your comments on sb play are also well appreciated and i love input on this aspect of nlhe mtts since those are some of the most challenging spots. also thx for the comment on my audio i will try my best to up the quality as much as possible.

    @collin: thx for the kind words! what do you think about maniacs idea of doing sth like a „most common mistakes players make transitioning from stts to mtts“? would you join me for a video? only makes sense to have one of the stt goats on board when i am more of a button clicker haha ;)
  • DSharkP


    Thanks a lot, Awesome
  • CucumbaMan


    @honigmund38: What is our opening range from SB? In the video I believe Primrose open limped almost every time (with the exception of the shoves). Thanks in advance!
  • honigmund38


    @cucumba: i think this heavily depends on stack sizes (probably more than on opponents tendecies but thats another discussion). i think its perfectly reasonable to have no raising range at all from sb at 18bb however this is probably not optimal at 80bb. so as usual, it depends :)
  • CucumbaMan


    @honigmund38: Thanks for the answer mate!
  • sharonburton


    verry good