Isolation with SSS - Part 1

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In this first part of his video series, Xarry2 deals with the theoretical part of isolating with Short Stack Strategy.


Isolation with SSS series Theory Video

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  • farrider63


  • sunrise99


    xarry, thanks for this video
  • sergey3001


    Nice video, I'm waiting for next part.
  • gigi86


    very very nice content, thank you xarry! Looking so much forward to the next video!
  • dardanos


    1:10 overlimp in SSS? wtf? haha
  • xarry2


    even though overlimps are often unprofitable as shortstack and a fold or a raise would be better there are many spots where limping offers advantages. especially with speculative hands which do good in a multiway pot in position or in spots without foldequity overlimping as shortstack is possible. but in fact iso-raising more often offers the bigger profit so overlimping has to be used carefully.
  • borniborn


    Nice Vid xarry. Just one thing: when talking about Stats some concrete examples would be nice instead of saying "if he has high VPIP... if he has low limp/call-Value..."
  • xarry2


    @borniborn: you're right. the problem is probably that I put all "practical" aspects into the 2nd/3rd part and just dealt theoretically with isolation in this video. probably its better to include at least some examples into the theoretical video as well.

    best regards,
  • Mythoughts


    Indeed. Was quite interesting!
  • MaxBobKogan


    Thanks Xarry! Very interesting.
    It would be also interesting to read an article about isolation in SSS.
  • dandycal


    Great video, Xarry, thanks!
  • Diddy81


    thx xarry, fantastic content!
  • Smileyphil


    Amazing video; very clear explanation. I find having a video all on one topic more useful than general session reviews. More please. =]

  • antonin87


    hii xarry2..i have one the very end of the vid when you talk about the efective stack you should have 25BB to not be commit in the pot after flop..but as far as i know the SSS you should play only with 20-25BB and as soon as you get 25BB you should leave the table..but maybe im just missing something.
    anyway thx for vid
  • Datalife999


    Nice Video! 5 Stars... :)
  • Xpload1989


    Great video! :D
  • slotsas


    nice vid, good job