Isolation with SSS - Part 2/3

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In this series, Xarry2 talks about isolation using the SSS.


Isolation with SSS series stats

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  • PopaS


    nice video, ty! :)
  • SpassPoker


    First !
  • BlackAngel174


    Плохо, что без перевода, понимаю через слово. Вот бы наши тренера такие же воды писали.
  • Sonywalkman


    Have phun!
  • TatjanaGr


    или было бы проще, если кто-то, владеющий аглицким, перевел бы на русский))))
  • Carambol80


    к сожалению лучшее как всегда достается англичанам :)
  • PonochkaA


  • lakmi7


    Наши либо тараторят либо говорят на сленге, понятном им самим ) но есть исключения....
  • iProdaction


    Да ладно вам ребят. Все понятно )

    Все хорошо - нетакие BSS рассуждения на SSS.

    Все хорошо по спектрам - но играя много столов не будешь успевать смотреть все попапы - автор даже сам совершал ошибки, что и понятно. Плюс чтобы так играть надо иметь большую базу - у автора по 10к рук на опов за столом, такое на средних лимитах часто не встречается.

    Не понравилась изоляция с А8s - человек лимпит 5% думаю это не очень плюсово.

    А видео да, хорошое )
  • Carambol80


    может быть кто-нибудь сделает хотя бы субтитры если голосом наговаривать нет времени/желания? ибо чуствую что изоляция у меня - один из самых злобных ликов...
  • DoamnaAuriu


    Hi Xarry2,

    Nice and very insightful Video of yours - i really like it :)

    There two things that caught my eye:
    - min 15 JTs: Couldn't we make a smallish $ 60-70 flop-cbet? I think it should be very profitable, since it has to work only like 31-35%. Or do you think the fish to our left ist just so bad that he'll have a) alot of random Kx in his range or b) call with Ax or random pairs?
    - min 19 QTs: I don't seem to be able to handle the equilator. I chose the same Ranges as you did, but my Equity with QTs ist only 29%. Could anyone confirm this or Xarry's findings?

    Thanks alot - I'm looking forward to your 3rd Video!
  • EvgenAleshkin


    Да всё в основном понятно,но для такой игры надо макс 9 столов играть(((
  • infiK


    Очень полезное видео! Жду с нетерпением 3 части!
  • BlackKnight16


    похоже английское видео смотрят только русские ;)
  • Bloodcyclon


    Great Vid!
    It's quite interesting to so, how the isolation really depends on the Players.

    And thw Excel-Sheet at the end is awesome! May you upload and share it? This will make some thoughts about my play much more easier.

  • Mythoughts


    Good stuff.
  • nervy


    #10 просто по адресу, который начинается с ru. ты видишь комментариии только пользователей русской части.
  • xarry2




    hmm, i don't know if a small cbet will work that good against two loose passive players. most of the timw such players give less respect to small bets and will often call them very loose. the board is of course perfect for a cbet. nevertheless, if I cbet like 60$ the remaining stack i have left will look ridiculous to those players, the will mabye not let go of ace high. the situation would change if we had a doubled uo stack or were BSS players. then we can create a lot more foldequity even with small bets since we have much more $ behind. further you could just make a rough calulcation with the two fold to cbet% which are 58% and 52%. this would give a total FE of ~30%. of course the values very from board to board but for me it just looks as if we can't cbet profitably even on this nice board.

    with the QTs: I took this range again: JJ-22, A3s+, K9s+, Q9s+, J9s+, T9s, 98s, 87s, 76s, A8o+, KTo+, QTo+, JTo and I get the same equity as in the video. It seems like its correct. but probably someone else should test it again to be sure.


    you will find all of my charts on the first post of my review thread in the english coching feedback forum.
    (take a look at the thread as well ;))

    best regards,
  • SpassPoker


    Hi Xarry2,

    Great Video ! *****

    Thx for your Excel-Sheet :-)

    best regards
  • DoamnaAuriu


    Hi xarry,

    it's like I said in my initial post: I don't seem to be able to handle the equilator :D
    I don't know what I did wrong - but today it works for me too hehe.

    Thanks for your answers! I'm looking forward to part 3.
  • Cypress


    Hi Xarry,

    the first two parts of your video series is really great!
    Really deep analysis and usage of stats.
    Looking forward to the third part.

    Thanks a lot!
  • MaxBobKogan


    limp - raise - call - cont bet - fold
    Еще перевод нужен? :)
  • antonin87


    thx for video..any idea where can i get the nice handy chart you were using in the end of the video??would be really nice to have it
  • xarry2



    you can find it here:

    Best regards,
  • fapl91


    Great Video, but theres is one thing i don't get:
    in minute 37(:30) your are talking about the pot odds and i don understand how you sum up the pot to $240-3, because the raise is $110 which woul make a pot-size of $155-3 and we have §145 to call.

    am i forgetting something?